Asking 'Why Us?'
A research hack.

A really simple, post-sell market research tactic that anyone can do to bring insight to any part of your organization that cares about making and keeping your customers happy. It's a 15-minute or less conversation.

Tip #1: Focus on the buyer, forget your product.

The more you are really curious and empathize with the factors of their struggle and situation that led to them to buying your product, the more useful the insights will be.


Tip #2: Ask post-sell

Learn from buyers that put skin in the game and made the choices to buy your product, while the buying journey is fresh in their mind.


Tip #3: Aggregate the answers

Find new patterns as you collect answers to this question over time. This is gold for discovering new opportunities for growth, campaign ideas, and experiments.

Open-ended Follow-up Questions

Want to keep the conversation flowing? Here are additional to ask to get deeper.

  • You had so many options to choose from, but you chose us… we’re really curious about why! It’s not something we take lightly.

  • How does our product fit into the work you do?

  • What was going on in your world that compelled you and your team to look for a something different?

  • What products were you using to solve for these problems?

  • Once you and your team decided to make a change, how much research did you do to find the right solution?

  • How did you and your team envision life being better once you adopted a new product?

  • Who else were you looking at to help solve these problems?

  • What happened with us that convinced you that we were the right choice?

  • What were you skeptical of or concerned about while considering our product?