UX & UI Design Samples

This page is to show off some of the team’s craft and talent in design & development for Product UX/UI and Product Marketing projects from the past five years.

While we believe helping companies reach outcomes (see our case studies) is more important than just judging solely on design, we understand sometimes you just want to look at the pretty work samples to check the box that we have the design chops.

True Dude – shown above. A project where we rebranded with a new custom logo, colors, and messaging voice. You can see where we helped with optimizing the UX of the shopping experience and their digital marketing.

See homepage and shopping cart design.

Connected Campus – Student retention rates for non-traditional colleges are abysmally low. Non-traditional students are students that have chosen to go back to school when they families, financial commitments and/or full-time jobs. Connected Campus helps non-traditional colleges increase student engagement and, ultimately, retention by helping students stay focused and encouraged on their school journey.

Connected Campus integrates with campus learning management systems and student information systems to achieve three goals for the student: helping and encouraging the student to focus on what’s important now, keep the student aware of the health of their journey and create a sense of community with their school and peers.

See Clickable Prototype

Donaide – Is removing friction from non-profits and people who want to support their causes. It’s an interesting problem to solve on both sides as both have different jobs/progress they are trying to make.

See Clickable Prototype

hc1.com Opioid Dashboard – Although tremendous resources are being allocated to reverse the skyrocketing death toll caused by opioid misuse, abuse, and diversion, current efforts are mostly reactive and informed by historical data. While useful, a historical view of which drugs are being prescribed and how many people are in treatment is not enough.

This is private data so you can see more screenshots and details here.

Polleo Systems – is a cloud hosting company that offers Infrastructure-as-a-Service solutions to IT managed service providers. They have many resellers, but it was becoming too costly to dedicated so human capital to managing all aspects of their reseller program. Our solution was to help Polleo automate as much as they could about the program, without eliminating the human element of Polleo’s hallmark customer service.

This app presented several challenges to overcome, the top three were: making the complex process of estimating cloud services easy and delightful and understanding, presenting the most important metrics to user at the right time, create a system and experience that was not only helpful to the technically inclined IT professional, but also their less tech-literate salespeople that would be doing the estimating.

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Emplify – Was Blue Bridge Digital when we started working together. This project was a quick, large endeavor. We helped them rebrand redesign the full site and create an updated buyer journey in 2 months. Still today we are making design and development updates to optimize the buyer journey.

See the live site.

See the design that was done in 2 months and live for the PR relase.

Client Testimonial

Santiago Jaramillo

CEO of Emplify

Santiago Jaramillo

CEO of Emplify

"Design On Tap has a holistic perspective on helping SaaS companies optimize lifetime value across the entire experience and lifecycle." — Santiago Jaramillo

DyKnow empowers teachers through real-time monitoring of student activity and instantaneous measurement of student understanding. DOT, working with DyKnow’s internal CX and product development team, combed through the pre-existing functionality and helped focus the new product to deliver on its promise of simple classroom management. Over 3 years we worked with DyKnow to redesign and refine the application experience before handing the product over to their newly hired UX designer.

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Before /


What began as a ridiculously complex Windows application for classroom management got a massive refresh when DyKnow brought Design On Tap on to help design the cloud-based replacement. See old view compared to the new view below.

Original Image
Original Image

Archon Apps – For security detail. We made it easier to quickly check-in your location as it opens and automatically expands. Then on the spot, you can take a photo and note if you found any issues. This process before was a time-consuming spreadsheet like functionality.

Fire Cupid is a full-length, interactive book app with two modes to explore. Learn by example in story mode, or just get the facts with science mode. You will understand through pictures, videos, games, and plenty more to understand body language. Don’t just read about it, experience it on iPad, Nook, Kindle Fire, and Android-based tablets.

Watch the demo video.