Craft & optimize your buyers' journey

“May the road rise up to meet you,” the old Irish blessing goes. When a company’s website thoughtfully aligns online experience with how its buyer actually behaves, it is like that sought-after road. People move more effortlessly, joyfully even, along the buyer’s journey. For the DOT client, this means more leads. Sláinte!

Struggling to meet marketing and sales goals? Why?

Riddle me this: How intentional and streamlined are your buyers’ journeys?

Think about all the people who inform a buying decision around your product. Now, consider where they are when they meet you, learn more, consider buying, buy you, actively adopt you — or (yikes) none of the above.

Your buyer journeys should work to accommodate all of these people where they are when they are forming opinions about and decisions around your business.

The hitch: Buyer journeys for SaaS companies are long and complicated. They look different from every vantage point along the way. It’s enough to send someone careening off the map entirely!

Scale the progress of your marketing team.

Design On Tap helps its clients be in the right place at the right time for their buyers.

This is creating and optimizing the buyer journey, and it leads to more leads and more satisfied buyers. Our team digs in to learn about your users, prospects or other targets to understand why, how, and when they buy. We help SaaS companies deliver a compelling, true brand story that helps people move forward through the buyer journey.

Buyer journeys are complicated (it bears repeating), not to mention messy. One reason is because they change. And so, Design On Tap follows a modular site design approach, allowing clients to manage their own sites and make changes when a roadblock pops up or shortcut becomes available.

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