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SaaS CEOs and product leaders come to DOT ready to see their innovative ideas rise from the ideation stage. They need design intelligence, the right fuel and a plan to launch. But alas, winds change, so making products agile — able to learn and adapt based on learned customer needs — is baked into our approach to product design.

The promise of your MVP.
In your customers' hands.

You can see your idea in the marketplace clear as day. Now get everyone else to see it.

Founders, engineers and other dreamers and doers have notions about their market and what it wants. They have notions about the product that will meet those customer needs. They don’t have the team to build and launch it.

Your MVP should be approached as an experiment: test a hypothesis, gather data, validate or invalidate, and keep making progress. The MVP is also one of the first great opportunities to show visionaries and decisions makers that what you’re working on is valuable and worth pursuing.

While your MVP, or even the second iteration of it, will not be your final product, it should successfully capture the potential value of your idea.

Clear the fog through understanding user behavior.

Realize the value of your product, through the eyes of your customers.

From experience, Design On Tap has learned that the process to building products customers can’t live without is more like an ecosystem than a manufacturing line. It requires side-by-side collaboration, taking leaps together, unrelenting honesty and that experimentation mindset.*

Working together in this way, we help clients discover how their buyers behave. We fit together the right mixture of features with which to launch, and follow customer insight to market and customer value. We look at business constraints vs. vision analysis.

At some point, our clients will move on from the launch stage. Fly, little bird! To help with the transition, Design On Tap creates design systems that future teams can use and apply.

In an experimental mindset, we first do things based on what we know. When we test and analyze, we know more and will build something better based on more knowledge. We can deliver quantitative and qualitative data back to the client so that they can include that in their next steps and making better decisions,

— Overheard from Joel Smith, Design On Tap

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